Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a Better Foundation for Human Rights?

Westside Church

Wednesday February 28th 2018 7:00 pm –  9:30 pm

Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation for human rights?: A conversation Between a Christian and a Secular Humanist

Women's rights, LGBTQ rights, right to life of the unborn - there is no shortage of causes vying for our attention. Underlying all such causes is the concept of human rights. Which worldview provides a better foundation for it - Christianity or Secular Humanism?

As part of The Human Project, Apologetics Canada, in partnership with Westside Church, will be bringing you a dialogue between a Christian and a Secular Humanist on Wednesday, February 28 in Vancouver, BC.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage your mind and think about an important topic that impacts us all!

Admission is FREE, but you must RSVP on this page.

Secular Humanist
Ian Bushfield
Executive Director, BC Humanist Association

Dr. Andy Bannister
Director, Solas Centre for Public Christianity


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Westside Church

777 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0H3, Canada

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